Every so often, kids like us get the chance to have the experience of a life time . . . but yet we let it pass us by. Maybe we think it’s embarrassing to try something that we know nothing about . . . I know that was my 1st thought towards the idea. However, when you look into it more closely, chances are your opinion will change.  A bright man named Kevin Prentiss referred to a theory called the “dance floor theory.”  Whenever you’re at a dance, you will notice that people almost always gravitate to a circle where one person is in the middle dancing.  Its those kids in the middle that aren’t afraid to show who they are, and those are the types of kids that would never let the Techstars micro internship pass them by.

When you reach the morning of, the adrenaline is pumping and nothing is stopping  you from having a great day . . . until you walk over a mile and see a huge building standing before you. Now you can take your emotions in one of two directions. You can either be even more excited then you were before . . . or you can become terrified. Luckily almost everyone took the 1st road.

After having an introduction, everyone was assigned to one of the 10 companies. Each of us had different jobs to do through out the day. Whether it would be working on code or even testing the website out to make sure there are no glitches. In the end we had a conference where we could ask any questions we wanted. People won prizes such as stickers, headbands, t-shirts, and even some got books. Over all it was an amazing day!!

Every once in a while I look back and think about all the great tricks and tools I learned. It just got me thinking that . . . well you never know what opportunities the world throws at you, but its up to you when choosing what to do with them.


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